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Innovative Actuation Incorporated (IAI) is the North American center for iVact electric actuators. IAI is committed to engineering, manufacturing and supplying superior products, as well as providing excellent personal service to our customers. We take pride in incorporating quality, innovation, reliability and safety into our products.

We provide professional solutions for the most demanding industries, including water and wastewater, power, oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, marine, mining, and HVAC. IAI delivers more than just products. We support our customers and seek to develop long-lasting and trusting partnerships.

IAI is also a valve automation center for actuation solutions. We actuate valves and dampers, and can develop the right solutions for any requirements.

Mission Statement

Build a sales, service and distribution network and provide a customer-focused presence for the supply and support of iVact electric valve and damper actuators in the North American market.

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Innovative Actuation Incorporated (IAI) manufactures actuators for all industries. IAI provides actuators for both the commercial and industrial sectors.

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