MSS Mounting Base Dimensions

MSS mounting base dimensions – imperial equivalent to ISO5211. We showcase their dimensions and how we can seemless adapt to the standard.


ISO Mounting Base Dimensions

ISO mounting base dimensions – the universal solution for seamless integration across diverse applications. Here we show you what the ISO5211 dimensions are.


Exploring Water Innovation: Join Us at WEFTEC 2023!

Excited to join the water industry's best at WEFTEC 2023! We'll be at Booth 1258 showcasing our innovative iVact series, offering insights into advanced valve actuation solutions, and discussing how we can elevate operational efficiency in water processes. Dive into innovation and explore tailored solutions with us!

Suitable Actuator

Choosing a Suitable Actuator

There are 3 major things to consider when choosing a suitable actuator for an application; the application, the environment or surroundings and the type of energy the will be used.


Innovative Actuation Incorporated (IAI) manufactures actuators for all industries. IAI provides actuators for both the commercial and industrial sectors.

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