Belimo manufactures mainly small damper actuators designed for HVAC systems. iVact’s iVQ actuator range offers better capabilities than a Belimo actuator, comparable sizing to Belimo actuators include our IVQ-A, iVQ-B, and iVQ-C models, which are a part of our iVQ range of electric actuators designed for quarter-turn operating applications on valves and dampers.

The iVQ-A, iVQ-B, and iVQ-C models are rugged, efficient, and cost-competitive electric actuators well-suited for damper control in HVAC systems in industrial applications. They come standard with stainless steel gearing and torque ranges from 53 inch-pounds in the iVQ-A to 310 inch-pounds in the iVQ-C, as well as standard voltages of 24V DC, 24V AC, 110V/220V AC, 1PH, 60Hz ±10%. The aluminum alloy enclosures meet the sealing standards of CSA and NEMA Type 4X along with IP67 Ingress Protection, and explosionproof enclosures for hazardous environments is an option for the iVQ-C (CSA and NEMA Type 7 for Class I Div 1 Groups C & D areas and CSA and NEMA 9 for Class II Div 1 Groups E, F & G areas).

If your actuator needs extend beyond the torque capabilities of the iVQ-C (310 inch-pounds), the iVQ quarter-turn actuator range extends all the way up to our iVQ-R which maxes out at 31,000 inch-pounds of torque.