Local Controls on an Actuator: Advantages & Best Practices

by Alexey TurceaninovLast updated May 1, 2023Category: Electric Actuator Basics

Local controls on an actuator refer to the ability to control the actuator’s position and movement manually, at the site of the valve, using a handheld device. Local controls can be useful in certain situations, but not always necessary or recommended.

When should you use local controls on an actuator?

Local controls can be especially useful during installation, commissioning, and maintenance of an actuator or valve. They can help facilitate initial positioning of the valve, allowing the operator to make precise adjustments while observing the valve in real time. Local controls can also be useful for troubleshooting, allowing the operator to manually move the valve to isolate and diagnose any problems.

Another situation in which local controls may be advantageous is during emergency shutdowns. In cases where the primary control system fails or becomes inaccessible, local controls can be used to shut down the valve manually and prevent any further damage.

When should you avoid using local controls on an actuator?

In general, local controls are not recommended for regular, day-to-day operations. This is because they can be more prone to operator error and can increase the risk of accidents or damage to the valve or actuator. In addition, local controls may not be suitable for applications that require precise, repeatable positioning of the valve, such as in complex process control systems.

Advantages of using local controls on an actuator:

When used correctly, local controls can offer several advantages. They can provide a convenient way to manually adjust the valve position without the need for external control systems or computers. This can be especially helpful during installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, as mentioned earlier. Local controls can also be beneficial in situations where quick, manual adjustments are needed, such as during startup or shutdown procedures. Additionally, local controls can offer a backup option in case of system failures or emergencies.

In summary, local controls on an actuator can be useful in certain situations, such as during installation, commissioning, and maintenance, or during emergency shutdowns. However, they should be used with caution and avoided for regular day-to-day operations whenever possible. If you are unsure about whether local controls are appropriate for your application, consult with an expert at iVact by visiting our contact us page.

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